Puffed-up face, hardly walking!Neither fans, nor haters could remain silent when they saw «desperate-looking»Hawn!

Goldie Hawn’s Recent Appearance Sparks Concern

Goldie Hawn’s recent appearance in Aspen has raised concerns among fans and critics alike. Spotted by paparazzi, Hawn was seen with a “puffed-up face” and appeared to have difficulty walking.

The longtime couple was recently spotted kissing in Aspen, Colorado. Traveling to the ski resort town has been a decades-long tradition for Hawn, 78, and Russell, 72, who have been together since 1983.

The two wore matching earth tones, as Hawn was dressed in green pants and a white coat. Russell wore a brown jacket and blue jeans while carrying a shopping bag.

The couple, enjoying their getaway, seemed unbothered by the attention. However, the images have prompted widespread speculation and worry about Hawn’s health.

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