Candace Owens kicks Lia Thomas out of the view set “your a cheat”

In a bizarre turn of events on “The View,” Candace Owens, the show’s newest co-host known for her conservative viewpoints, caused a stir by theatrically ejecting Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer, from the set. Critics are likening the incident to a Shakespearean drama meets Saturday Night Live skit.

The episode started normally, with Owens sharing her sharp opinions. However, tensions rose when Thomas, invited to discuss her experiences as a transgender athlete, took the stage. Owens interrupted, producing a pool noodle as a prop to symbolize the “absurdity we’re swimming in.” With dramatic flair, she ‘escorted’ Thomas offstage, eliciting mixed reactions from the audience.

Backstage, producers were torn between the spectacle’s potential ratings boost and PR concerns. Social media exploded with hashtags like #PoolNoodlePolitics, and memes featuring Owens and her noodle.

Surprisingly, Thomas expressed no hard feelings, even finding humor in the situation. As the episode concluded, Owens returned to her seat, pool noodle in hand, ready to tackle the next topic, leaving viewers to ponder the surreal spectacle they had witnessed.

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