Friends Raved About How Amazing Her Home Smelled. Here’s Her Simple DIY Solution

If your home doesn’t smell as amazing as you would like, the common solution is to go out and buy air fresheners like AirWick or Febreze. While these solutions do help, they aren’t foolproof nor are they cost-efficient. Replacing your AirWick every single time can add up. Instead, try this very easy and simple DIY … Read more

This Oil Is Great For Thickening And Regrowing Hair, Eyelashes And Eyebrows

When it comes to natural remedies for common skin and hair conditions it seems like we always tend to forget about castor oil. It’s so thick, sticky and greasy that we just think it’s not worth the trouble. But, castor oil is a very effective natural remedy for many skin and hair problems and you … Read more

The Things You Can Do with Lemon Peels and Juice

Not many people know that lemons have been grown in the US, at first in Florida, since 16th century after Christopher Columbus brought them to the New World. Lemons as well as limes have long been appreciated for their high content of vitamin C, which protects against the development of scurvy. Lemons were extremely expensive … Read more

If You Have High Blood Pressure These Are The 5 Herbs You Need To Know About

Nowadays, numerous people suffer from high blood pressure, and more than 70 million adults were found to have this condition in the United States alone. Only half of these people are able to control this issue, and this disease is responsible for about a thousand deaths on a daily basis. Moreover, a third of American … Read more

Health Benefits & Uses of Lemon Peel

Did you know that the lemon peel contains more vitamins, nutrients, and benefits for your health than the lemon juice? Lemon peels have 5-10 times more vitamins than the lemon juice. But, you must remember that organic is the best choice when consuming the peel, in order to avoid any pesticides, HEALTH BENEFITS OF LEMON … Read more

This Plant Is Called “God’s Gift” Because It Can Cure More Then 100 Diseases!!!!! (RECIPE)

Tree spinach, also known as Chaya, is a large fast growing perennial shrub, that is believed to have originated in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. This plant is not very well known, but people praise it for the incredible health benefits it brings. An older lady told us recently, that she believes that Chaya is a … Read more

Discover How You Can Use Vinegar in Your Garden

Vinegar has a wide range of uses, and despite its kitchen uses, it can be of great help in the garden as well. Commercial fertilizers are loaded with harmful chemicals which endanger our health and are quite expensive, and on the other hand, vinegar is affordable and eco-friendly. Here are 12 ways in which you … Read more