Thanksgiving Cactus Care

Thanksgiving cactus is a holiday cactus that flowers in fall. It is easy to grow and has long lasting tubular flowers. Materials Schlumbergera truncata plant Organic matter Succulent fertilizer Tools Hose or watering can Instructions Add lots of organic matter to the soil of Thanksgiving cactus to ensure it drains well. Place the plant outdoors … Read more

People Are Throwing Seeds From Fruit Out Their Windows While Driving and The Idea Is Actually Brilliant

Pitted fruits such as strawberries, peaches, nectaries, dates or plums have seeds in the middle that are often thrown away. Thanks to @Maria Elena Gulizia who shared the PSA on Facebook which has since gone viral, rather than throwing away the pitted seeds in your morning breakfast fruit by habit, here’s what you should do instead of feeding … Read more

14 Best Trendy Houseplants For Girl’s Rooms

After a constantly tired day at work, we really need a retreat from hustle and bustle of city life. A cozy room with green plants makes a perfect spot. We can get a lot of relaxation when staying here. The green of plants not only adds more greenery to our space but also brings us … Read more

Top 18 Lucky Plants for 2022 Fengshui Plants Lucky Plants for decoration your home

In this article is all about feng shui lucky plants for 2022. Plants have aesthetic value to an area but choosing right plants is very important to balance the five elements that will result to a positive and happy life. This is a collection of lucky plants according to feng shui. 2022 is the year … Read more

She Planted These Tea Bags In Her Garden, and What Happened Is Beyond Incredible

You probably throw away the tea bags after you drink your tea, but this will change after you read this article. Here we will tell you about many useful things you can do with tea bags. Firstly and most importantly we will tell you how to reuse the tea bags by planting them into the … Read more

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