Robert De Niro surprised fans by becoming a father for the 7th time at the age of 79. His eldest child is 51, and now his youngest is just a few days old!

Robert De Niro stunned the world when he revealed he had become a father again, having welcomed his seventh child. His much younger girlfriend was spotted cuddling the pair’s newborn tightly as if attempting to hide the baby. In an interview, De Niro revealed the gender of their baby and her beautiful name, which is … Read more

The Parrotfish: Nature’s Conservationists Face Localized Extinction

The parrotfish are a collection of close to 90 species of fish that are mostly focused on the Indo-Pacific region. This species is common among coral reefs and is prized for its unique colors. The fish get their name from their dental structure and the way their teeth are organized in their mouth and throat. They are … Read more

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Lose 45 Pounds in 3 Weeks Only With This Super Recipe

Many people still think that Losing weight, tighten the belly and have a slim wait is just a matter of beauty. It is a fact that all those characteristics make many people feel happier with the appearance of their bodies, which is good, But losing weight is not just a question of beauty or proud. … Read more