How to make homemade salami, grandfather’s unique recipe

If you can prepare the homemade salami at home it is much better, this is ideal to accompany a tasty weekend barbecue or for any occasion, in short, it is an irresistible proposal that can always be improvised.


6 kg. Pork meat (preferably lean),

2 kg. of Beef (preferably lean),

2 kg. Bacon with Salami Tripe.


1/2 ground nutmeg,

300 gr. of salt,

40 gr. ground pepper,

30 gr. of Pepper in grain w/n of Thread (to tie).

We begin to cut the meat and the bacon into small pieces with a knife, or pass them all through the mincing machine. Next, in a large container, we place and integrate the meat with the bacon and we do it with the help of our hands. Precisely kneading we are adding the condiments, we do it for approximately 10 minutes.

When the dough sticks to your hands, then it’s ready. Now we proceed to introduce the preparation or the mixture in the stuffer, we also place the casing in the mouth of the machine and begin to fill the casing and tie to shape it. Then we make sure to poke a bit to get the air out. Lastly, we hang in a cool dry environment. The recommended temperature is no more than 24º for a period of approximately 47 days and at least.