An Old Couple has Memory Problems

An Old Couple has Memory Problems They both continually struggle with short term memory issues, forgetting their keys, glasses and everything else you could possibly imagine!

One day they went to the doctors to ask him what they could do.

He told them that one of the best things they can do is write everything down.

Not only can they look back on their notes to remember, but it helps to solidify it in your brain.

That night the couple was at home watching television when the gentleman abruptly got up and announced to his wife, “My dear, I simply mist get some ice cream, do you care for any as well?” She replied “Oh yes!

Chocolate ice cream with cherries! Maybe you should write it down?” “No no, that’s simple, chocolate ice cream with cherries”

“Oh but I also want some whipped topping please. I really think you should write this down…”

“Its simple dear, chocolate ice cream, cherries and whipped topping.

I couldn’t possible forget that!” With that he headed off to the kitchen, repeating under his breath “chocolate ice cream, cherries, whipped topping, chocolate ice cream, cherries, whipped topping” He is in the kitchen for 15 minutes, when he finally emerges he is holding a plate with eggs and bacon on it.

“I knew you would have written it down! Where’s my toast!?”

–A kid is running around the house when he runs upstairs and finds his dad shaving in the bathroom–

A kid is running around the house when he runs upstairs and finds his dad shaving in the bathroom.

The dad cuts himself and yells “shit.” The kid asks, “dad, what’s shit?” “Oh it’s shaving cream.” The kid says “ok” and runs around again.

He goes into the kitchen and his mom is cutting the turkey.

She cuts herself with a knife and says “fuck.” The kid asks, “mom, what’s f:uc:k?” “Umm cutting the turkey honey.” Kid says “ok” and runs around again. The doorbell rings and the mom yells out “the assholes are here!” Kid asks, “who are the assholes?” “Your grandparents honey.

Go open the door.” The kid opens the door and says “Hi assholes.

Dad’s upstairs putting shit on his face and mom’s in the kitchen fucking the turkey.”