3 Ingredient Weed Killer

If you have weeds in the cracks of your sidewalks, driveways, patio stones, rocks, etc. this is what you need! Make sure you spray this on a sunny day in the afternoon when the weeds are not wet from dew in the morning.

This vinegar and salt weed killer mix can also be made with table salt instead of epsom. Don’t have vinegar?


  • 1 gallon white
  • 2 cups epsom salt or table salt
  • ¼ cup dawn dishwashing soap


  • Pour the vinegar, dishsoap, and epsom salt into a spray bottle. Shake up until combined.
  • Let settle for 2 minutes then spray the weeds! Make sure you soak the entire weed with the formula.
  • Let sit for a day then come back and see them dead!


NOTE: Make sure you spray in the afternoon when the weeds are not damp from dew.