15 Genius Hacks That Parents Came Up With

Here are 15 genius hacks that only a creative parent could think up! 1. Backseat Peace source: Icepop / Jake White Sick of your kids fighting in their car seats? This genius dad put partitions between them. No more fighting! 2.Newborn Photo Shoot Hack source: LifeBuzz Newborn photo shoots can be pretty tricky. To keep a sleeping baby happy … Read more

How To Keep Your Fridge Squeaky Clean

Cleaning my fridge today, and wanted to share an idea I ran across a couple years ago. I buy cheap placemats from the dollar store and put them on the shelves. I also cut them and put them in the drawers. Makes life so much easier if you have a spill or a sticky bottom … Read more


A fundamental condition is to have made our soap with pure and organic materials. Raw materials are not difficult to find. The process of preparing the dry soap for the laundry recipe is described at the end of the article. Sometimes, my friends want to put liquid detergent in the washing machine, and the following … Read more

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Removes Wrinkles in 5 Minutes

Laundry….it’s always there no matter what time of year it is. It is easy to forget a load in the dryer when you’re busy and then you are stuck with a wrinkled mess! Try one of these hacks. DRYER HACKS Just Say No to Ironing You can avoid using your iron altogether by hanging your … Read more

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Somewhere alongside the way, I failed to familiarize yourself with the truth that cleansing a bathing system needed to be performed regularly – and now it truly is now no longer the case in any respect anymore. I recognise that the cleansing cleaning soap in detergents materials it very easily, and why would not every … Read more

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