Mom Writes A Warning About Horrible ‘Fish’ Smell In Son’s Room That Was Actually Melted Plastic

Have you ever had a weird smell in your home? While sometimes these gross smells have a harmless cause like making fish for dinner or dirty gym socks, sometimes these smells point to something more dangerous. One mother found this out and shared the post to help others stay safe.

She posted that her son’s bedroom started smelling like fish. Put off by the smell, she deep cleaned his room and tried to figure out where the smell was coming from. Then suddenly, the smell was gone. She went on with her days but then was shocked when the fishy smell came back even stronger.

What Happened Next?

She decided to do some research to try to figure out what the smell was and where it was coming from. She found out that melting plastic from outlets can cause a fishy smell. Sure enough, she found an outlet in her son’s room that was hot and melting! Good thing she caught it before it started a fire. She had an electrician come out the same day to fix a bad wire in the outlet and replace the whole outlet.

What Smells Point To Something Dangerous?

So, fishy smells can mean that something electrical is wrong. If you smell fish and can’t figure out why, check all of the outlets and electric wires. If you start smelling rotten eggs, you could have a gas leak or a plumbing issue. Check if the smell is stronger from your drains or when the water is on. If so, it is likely a plumbing issue.

A gas leak is more dangerous. Since gas itself is odorless, the smell is a safety precaution so you know to exit the home and call a professional right away. As always, if you smell something gross and unusual in your home and can’t pinpoint it, call a professional for help. It could save you and your family.

Have you ever had an issue with a strange smell in your home that turned out to be something you would never expect? Have you ever had this same issue with your outlets? It is great that people post these things on social media so it can help someone else!

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