The Japanese have had it for a long time, we need it too!

Japan is a country of technologically advanced, fancy gadgets and solutions that seriously make life easier. Why are they not here yet?

# 1. Cooling spray

It is not about spray water, which the ladies moisturize their face on hot days. In Japan, we have two types of this clever cooler. The first is a gel that works like an ice pack and can cool the skin down to minus 9 degrees. The second is a sparkling foam. When you spray it on, you feel like you poured chilled sparkling water over your skin. The spray dries quickly and the cooling effect lasts for a few minutes.

# 2. Butter grinder

No more unevenly spread butter, broken toast or holes in the bread. Butter straight from the fridge – no damage or stress.

# 3. Hanging hoses from fuel dispensers

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like a great idea, but it works perfectly in Japan. You do not have to remember which side the fuel filler is on, you do not struggle among the dispensers when you drive up wrongly.

# 4. Menu and cash register at the machine

In front of restaurants, we can often see such a vending machine. In it you choose what you want to eat, pay by card, take a number, go inside and not wasting time waiting for the waiter from the menu and so on, you get your meal quickly ordered.

# 5. Dispen pack

Why is it not here yet? You take the package, bend it in half, and the content flows exactly where you want it with a small hole in the middle. By using such packets, you have no chance to indulge yourself with ketchup at KFC.

# 6. Pain relief patches

Of course, we have a range of pain relief patches. On prescription and without, sold in pharmacies or at a woman’s market. The Japanese, however, have patches that work much more effectively and faster, and smell nice.

# 7. Stamp for emotes

Okay, we don’t need that, but it would be nice to have a stamp like that. You rearrange, set, nail and the recipient of your message knows exactly what the sender’s mood is.

# 8. A pot that mixes the contents by itself

How many times have you had a burn because you forgot to mix? With such a kitchen wonder, you can forget about sprinting into the kitchen at set intervals. The pot will make sure that nothing sticks and burns.

# 9. Bidet with dryer

In Japan, a lot of emphasis is placed on hygiene. The Japanese have long enjoyed a warm blast of air on their freshly washed ass. They also save toilet paper.


# 10. Basin and flush box

This is another brilliant bathroom invention. We know that water is a very valuable thing and that is why we should follow the example of the Japanese who try to waste as little as possible. The water we wash our hands with runs down the cistern. Simple isn’t it?

# 11. Holder for attaching umbrellas

How much safer will it be on the road for a cyclist to attach an umbrella to the bicycle frame? No snow or rain in the eyes.

# 12. Braille on cans

Each of us has our favorite beer. People who cannot see do not have to ask the seller for the name of the golden drink. They will just read it on top of the can by touch.

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