Must-have German inventions

I have no idea how I lived so many years without the following gadgets. May someone get a Nobel for it.

# 1. Cap with an opener

# 2. Do you like to lie down and read? It is impossible without these glasses

# 3. Polish the leaf with style – 97 out of 100 Helmuts recommend this product

# 4. Smartphone cover? Forget it – the sausage cover is what you really need

# 5. Portable toilet – because you never know when the need will get you

# 6. Something to shock the mother-in-law

# 7. “In a crisis moment, a shot of humor will help you!”

# 8. Don’t show this to your grandma because she’ll never go to church again! Jesus will visit her in 3D technology

# 9. Mr. pillow – best friend

# 10. Flower stickers on the nipples

# 11. Juice holder in cartons

# 12. Basketball toilet set …

# 13. … or something for golf fans

# 14. With this magnifying glass, your grandparents will finally be able to write dirty texts

# 15. Non-slip glasses covers … OK, that’s pretty dumb

# 16. Mouse in the shape of a gold bar

# 17. Could there be a more German watering can?

# 18. A shower helmet with a glass so you can see what you are washing, because because

# 19. “This cute boy will always be faithful to you”

#twenty. “Safer than a machete”

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