Brilliant solutions to problems we sometimes didn’t even realize II

# 1. A toilet in a supermarket where you can test different types of toilet paper offered by the store

# 2. Interactive mirror that allows you to quickly “change”

# 3. A healthy snack while shopping for only 25 cents

# 4. An indicator stuck to the package to show if it was turned from side to side

# 5. A shopping trolley that allows you to transport a disabled person like a child

# 6. A juice box with an indicator of how many glasses of drink are left

# 7. Changing room in a clothing store with simulation of various types of lighting

# 8. A roll of toilet paper with a small portable piece of paper inside

# 9. Contactless opening of the toilet door


# 10. Work shoes tester with different surfaces

# 11. Disposable spoon with a toothpick

# 12. A shelf in a store where you can leave the goods, if we changed our mind

# 13. Cool bar for drinks

# 14. Drinking water fountain with a trough for dogs

# 15. A box of tissues in which the color of the tissues changes towards the end

# 16. Medical alarm


# 17. A dispenser with fresh flowers set up in the hospital

# 18. There is a mouthwash dispenser in the restaurant’s toilet

# 19. USB flash drive with an indicator of occupied space

#twenty. Garbage can with a handle for cans and bottles so that the homeless do not have to rummage in the garbage

# 21. Out of paper alarm

# 22. Notebook with a pen cutout

# 23. A board in front of the gas station indicating the price of the coffee

# 24. A university-based distributor with strings, guitar picks and other musical accessories

# 25. A pavement with marked routes for the blind

# 26. Urinal with foot flush


# 27. A Japanese kindergarten where the central square turns into a pond after rain

# 28. Benches where the seat can be cranked if dirty or wet

# 29. An interesting solution for an open / close plate

#thirty. Vending machine with tickets for the subway bought with discarded PET bottles

# 31. A way to encourage students to throw their rubbish into the bin

# 32. Heated mirror fragment

# 33. A sewing kit with needles already threaded

# 34. A pack of chewing gum complete with disposable paper

# 35. A dog treats distributor located at a motorway station

# 36. Gas station without standing islands with dispensers


# 37. Jacket for motorcyclist with indicators and stop signal

# 38. Business card with a paper USB flash drive

# 39. School desks with exercise bikes

# 40. Mirror with a TV set


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