Brilliant solutions to problems we sometimes didn’t even realize II

# 1. A toilet in a supermarket where you can test different types of toilet paper offered by the store # 2. Interactive mirror that allows you to quickly “change” # 3. A healthy snack while shopping for only 25 cents # 4. An indicator stuck to the package to show if it was turned from side to side … Read more

Must-have German inventions

I have no idea how I lived so many years without the following gadgets. May someone get a Nobel for it. # 1. Cap with an opener # 2. Do you like to lie down and read? It is impossible without these glasses # 3. Polish the leaf with style – 97 out of 100 Helmuts recommend this product # … Read more

The Japanese have had it for a long time, we need it too!

Japan is a country of technologically advanced, fancy gadgets and solutions that seriously make life easier. Why are they not here yet? # 1. Cooling spray It is not about spray water, which the ladies moisturize their face on hot days. In Japan, we have two types of this clever cooler. The first is a gel that works like … Read more

10 amazing gadgets that you won’t necessarily need

Gadgets … who does not love them? Even though we could do without most of them, they are so much fun that they are irresistible. For example, a robot that prepares its own drinks, a zombie apocalypse kit or a Wi-Fi detection sword. Here are 10 amazing new gadgets – not necessarily useful, but definitely interesting! # 1. Somabar … Read more

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