Are you ready to hear something really unusual and at first so incredible and inconceivable they will, I’m pretty sure, in each one of you automatically trigger a kind of instant reaction – from ridicule, disbelief, astonishment and perhaps even anger – a claim that will cause one of your fundamental beliefs about the nature of reality in which we live? This is something that appeared before more than a year in consciousness as a fascinating but at the same time a very interesting option. Specifically, what if none of the countries in the world possesses nuclear weapons, and if it had never possessed, and if the entire story on nuclear weapons is a myth?!?

 Sounds crazy, right? Even outrageous! Everything we know about life and nuclear energy since birth undoubtedly indicates that nuclear weapons are really, all newspapers and television attest. To the extent that we won`t even question it. Ultimately, we have a nuclear power plant, is it not? Before proceeding, let me tell you how I came up with this idea. I know a little over a year I`m thinking about how two years ago, after the incident, when North Korea invaded South, the day after threatened to use nuclear weapons if these came closer to their border even a millimeter. But, interestingly, everything stoped there and the whole story subsided very quickly. I know one amazing thought hit you at that moment: is it not strange that in 67 years long period after World War II no one has ever used nuclear weapons in any single case, and there have been so many wars? Think about that. Is it a moral issue to use such a weapon that is by self enough to stop those that possess it not to use it to their advantage, and whether any moral issue has ever played a role in any war?

The main question is, how do we know that the atomic bomb really exists? After all, what do we really know about the atomic bomb? In addition it was allegedly dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and that as the big winners of the war threw the Americans in the heavy media propaganda about its destructive power and the ability to destroy any form of life created by the myth of its military superiority and enormous mystery and fame “Cold War” where the United States and the Soviet Union for decades ruled the permanent hysteria and fear when it will be first activated, enhanced by a number of vivid scenarios and “blowing up” by the Hollywood “dream factory”, we know very little. Why shoot so many movies about nuclear weapons and disasters, if you are not trying to convince someone of something. Or, better yet, to scare someone? It is very similar to the mass shooting of films and series of Islamic terrorist attacks to the collective mind-backed thin story that terrorism is a real threat.
Likewise, the idea of ​​nuclear weapons is so deeply ingrained in our psych that immediately when we mention the atomic bomb, in the mind of most people picture appears the famous “mushroom cloud” that is most often associated with its explosive and apocalyptic scenes from movies where everything lies crushed in ruins.
A classic example of such an official theatrical indoctrination with special effects you can see in the following snippet showing the alleged bombing of Hiroshima.

But then we can set an even harder question: If this is indeed a powerful and destructive weapon that at the time everyone turned to ashes and exposed to the deadly effects of radiation and unimaginable heat, who was crazy enough to shoot tests of atomic bombs that were allegedly carried out in 40s and 50s? And how those same shots survivors in the camera that was supposed to be melted together with all the other objects that were in the immediate vicinity? And if it doesn`t melt, it would at least have to stop working under the influence of electromagnetic pulse that atomic explosions reportedly generate. And anyway, if testing these bombs have the same effect in the form of radiation and creating enormous heat from the bomb, how is it that it is implemented fully and safely and no one is in the least worried about it?!
I remember that as a kid I was told I had to be in the house after the explosion of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl because of the allegedly radioactive cloud in the wind. If it is then a tragedy and danger, I do not see how the detonation of bombs on anyone testing them is not a problem but moreover, has ever been recorded!
Then I got the idea that surely there must be someone who has come to similar conclusions and expressed similar doubts about the existence of nuclear weapons.
Surfing on the internet recently, I came across a page (nuclear lie), which provides a detailed and comprehensive approach to this topic. Among others, the site is exposed to a number of really interesting thesis that suggests that something is really wrong in this whole story of atom bombs. For example, starting with the obvious experimental atomic bomb explosions in the 50s containing lots of inconsistencies.

Then there are the images of Hiroshima and testimony of Atsuko Tsuijoke from books Arata Asada “Children of the atomic bomb,” who lived 600 meters from the epicenter of the explosion and who claims that everything was on fire, indicating that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed with ordinary bombs and that the “famous” mushroom cloud explosion was only the bomb probably made of TNT and a combination of other types of explosives.

Moreover, it discusses that for three days after the explosion in Hiroshima test results show that there are no genetic mutations in the descendants of those who survived the explosion. In fact, the idea of ​​radiation later introduced to the atomic bomb and everything that bears the name “nuclear” gave an aura of fear and extreme danger.

Indeed, the idea that the radiation transmitted by wind is an extremely powerful way to strike fear into, and set one of these characters great way to without explanation and hassle certain places to protect from prying eyes, inspections and ensure the necessary privacy. Put a sign of radiation or bio-hazard and no one alive can come near.
During the first atomic test called Trinity, there are paintings by J. Robert Oppenheimer and General Leslie Groves to stand and observe the remains of the tower in which he allegedly was carried out testing and quite carefree, in shirt and trousers, with no protection, no nothing!

But if the effects of radiation are felt years later and the entire area is alleged to constitute a grave threat to human health, how is it that these carefree people aren’t feeling any effects? (You may not joke about the atomic bomb?: D)
On online forums, they even call into question the existence of nuclear power plants as such, mentioning the possibility that they are just a cover for dumping toxic materials, enters of underground military complexes and the like. According to this theory, it may be possible that the accident at Chernobyl has caused the spread of toxic materials and poisons that affected the people of the surrounding area and not necessarily radiation.

I’m not trying here to definitely claim that there is no nuclear energy and that really maybe isn`t been used in power plants to generate heat. Though, you should really ask yourself, who actually attended fission and how you know how to split atoms, causing a chain reaction that is released during nuclear power? We only know what we have been conditioned to learn in school and to accept unconditionally and through the media, but beyond that is all fog. It is interesting that the nuclear power plant, which has over 400 products in the world only 6% of the world’s energy, and the fact that there is not one place in the world that is completely dependent solely on nuclear energy. The question is, why waste lots of money, effort, time and energy to build the plant, which, in addition to allegedly contains so many potentially catastrophic consequences for the environment and people’s lives, and where we use enormous amounts of water just to cool the reactors provides so little results and real benefits?
Well, if we take the fact that nuclear power plants really function on the principle of fission, and that it all really works so they tell us, it does not imply that it is therefore possible to automatically produce a nuclear explosion. And what’s even less likely it is that the bar can make so many “warheads” that can be on a plane and throw them as ordinary bombs and that they will explode in a specific moment … For was not quite suitable and fascinating is the fact that the details of its preparation are held in “strict confidence”? Is not it also interesting that of all the elements uranium only suitable for creating an explosion, or its isotope 235, which constitutes only 1% of uranium are suitable for fission?
Explanations available on detonation of the atomic bomb are given only in theoretical models, in general, this is connected with this, it is all mixed together, and when it reaches a critical mass, a bomb explodes! But that explanation is on a level of hear-say. What is really at a practical level creates instant detonation if dependent on so many “laboratory” factors?
On online forums someone asked just that question – how to detonate an atomic bomb. Then the debate began, and a series of explanations that actually explained nothing except the already known schemes that all repeat like parrots. One member in the last post gave a rather interesting explanation which points to the fact that the process of constructing an atomic bomb involves a long and very complicated process.

“QUESTION: Does this mean that the a-bomb can be activated simply by a very intense mechanical stimulation (eg. powerful blow) or is there a more sophisticated method of detonation?
Otherwise, what kind of time intervals do we mean, considering that the half-life of radioactive substances takes quite a long time. How does spontaneous fission occur, i.e., how much time should it take at least cca?
And is fission only possible at very high temperatures (to connect deuterium and tritium a temperature of 50,000,000 ° C is required and for connection of tritium and tritium, 400 million ° C)? How is it possible to reach this temperature at all? Matches?

So imagine it this way: you have spheres that can be dissolved. Their debris can break the other balls. But if these little balls, debris will not hit, i.e. there will be so few and many will remain unbroken.
If you have a lot, then you break certain number of them with their broken parts that projectile around, the parts should hit at least one ball because there are enough to go around. Further, it will all go easily. The more is broken, the more they will be and debris will break those remaining.

Now: the first initial “debris” is the fast neutron that immediately after the explosion of the critical mass of conventional explosive emits a neutron source.
They blast some nucleuses and those nucleuses emit new fast neutrons that break other. There are a lot of nucleuses in the surrounding so that each somehow manages to hit another. It should be noted that the neutrons have to be quick (have a lot of energy) otherwise they will fail to burst the nucleus. That’s why we need to have a critical mass.

Why do you need 2 nucleuses, of which 1 has to be broken. Who guarantees that the debris of one would hit another? But if you surround it with thousands of nucleuses, some of the debris will certainly hit another.

Mechanical stimulation is not enough. Connecting the critical mass is not enough. In fact, no one guarantees that you will be able to activate the bomb when you wish to. That’s why you should bomb the fast neutrons with more fuel.

That’s not enough either. The explosive that combines the critical mass SHOULD NOT blow up the fuel. It must compact it. That’s why explosive deflectors exist and it is a really demanding job: to calculate the shock wave of the classic explosive charge, and exactly stack the explosive around the fuel so that the fuel gets compressed and not blown up (if you have seen in some movie, that’s the bar that had to remain intacked in the first experiment).

Well, do not attack me now for calling the neutrons shards.

Thus, the atomic bomb is the fuel that you need to swipe from all sides so that it compresses, and then in microseconds light neutron cannon and then you guess what.

Although it seems simple, it is wickedly complex. If it were many cities would have been in ruins. Terrorists would have made a bomb. “
He has, even inadvertently, and perhaps without realizing, came to the same conclusion that I stated at the beginning. Apparently, according to recent data, the United States possesses 2,500 active warheads, Russia in 1800, followed by France, UK and China with about 200-400 and then the other. Currently, in 2012, there are 4,400 active and 19,000 total warheads, unlike in 1985 when there were even 65,000! Wait a little! Why should so many warheads when the complete destruction of a sufficient number is much smaller. Who needs the other 19,000, and even more fascinating, why “deactivate” 46,000 of them in the last 27 years? As in all that time not a single accident or explosion during their deactivation, transmission and so on? Moreover, everything went right. And we all need to believe, based on – what? Several staged clips from the 50s and 60s, a vast media and Hollywood propaganda, strict secrecy behind their process of preparation, pompous threats and intimidation, and the fact that none has activated the last 67 years? It is all very shaky … Every day more and more. Was it not possible to rapidly and indeed illogical insistence on the reduction of nuclear weapons only exit strategy to avoid potentially unmasking of this whole myth of nuclear weapons?
On the other hand, it is interesting, from this new perspective, to see the whole world in fear and jerked from the eternal threat of a “nuclear war” with the likelihood of decades of floating in the air. Every now and then be told potential threat in the form of “extremist” (mostly Islamic) state that “developing a nuclear program” and carried out uranium enrichment, working tirelessly to create the atomic bomb, or “weapons of mass destruction”.

Again, it is interesting to take possession of “weapons of mass destruction” used as an excellent excuse to demonize and attack the target or unsuitable country, like Iraq, where Bush reportedly sought Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction (which, lo and behold, was never found) or Iran, who recently are very popular on this point. According to official news, Iran has a sufficient amount of uranium to produce as much as 5 atomic bombs! Wow, after a strange math that’s really a lot compared to the (alleged) American in 2500 and Russia in 1800!

It appears that the atomic bomb creates a most powerful and efficient explosion in our minds and emotions – fear of an explosion, whose radius in the second affects the mass consciousness of the world’s population! Through fear is the easiest way to control the people and the state, to blackmail them, keep in suspense and in this state they cheat something that they would never accept under normal circumstances. The reason why this may sound so strange and shocking is probably that never before you haven`t even thought too much about this in this way, and neither do I, all of us will swallow the bait and simply because today there is no such quantity of “ordinary” explosive weapons and the military industry so represented, all automatically think that if they could do it all, certainly there is no reason not to make the atomic bomb. But as soon as you get rid of the mental armor unquestionable dogma and scratch the surface, you suddenly experiencing a series of, at the very least strange and logical (dis) information that make you ask yourself.
And if you think this idea is impossible just because you don`t believe that all countries could be drawn into a conspiracy on nuclear weapons, only to think back to 9.11 and the attacks on the World Trade Center and check what is today the official version of the story.
I `m aware that probably some who read this view of things causes disbelief, ridicule, anger, anger or even frustration and the need to immediately jump to the defense of the official story, and of course, it is quite understandable. However, it may be useful, before you do, ask yourself what is the real reason why this information makes such a reaction in you? Is it really because of the presented ideas or because of the fact that the consideration and the possible adoption of this option would mean to admit to ourselves that we have a whole life believing in a lie?
It is amazingly similar to the story of St. Nicholas being sold to children. If you are going to be good, Saint Nicholas will bring gifts. While it is undeniable that the story is really magical and true for you at this time, after a while you understand that it was just a story that your parents talked about, not necessarily because that would scare you, but more out of habit, by traditional inertia that passes from generation to generation, but whose original idea essentially introduced to control your behavior! And while you are at the moment when you find out that the story is not true and that actually mom and dad put gifts in the boots, you certainly shattered all illusions about the story in which you still desperately wanted to believe, in the end you still accept it as part of growing up.
I’m not trying “to convince” anyone of anything. Simply follow your inner sense of truth and keep an open mind to different possibilities … What I can honestly recommend is that you do the same, explore and come up with your own truth.

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Are you ready to hear something really unusual and at first so incredible and inconceivable they will, I'm pretty sure, in each one of you automatically trigger a kind of instant reaction - from ridicule, disbelief, astonishment and perhaps even anger - a claim that will cause one of...