mlmlmSometimes in some stage in our lives we simply “get stuck” for some reason. We do the best we know, and yet not achieve the desired result. We try to achieve the goal in every possible way, but none of us achieves.


What’s the problem? Is there a solution?


Yes, and it`s very easy.


Work on yourself.


Raising awareness and integrating a new knowledge can help us think and act differently, and ultimately achieve better, desired results. All of us have different expectations of themselves, that we ourselves have or others impose them on us. Our natural tendencies are precisely those for continuous progress. This is a positive attitude. However, sometimes it happens that our thoughts and desires or the position where we want to be so strong, would we lead to resistance. When we yearn for what we have, our focus aim`s precisely at disadvantage. Then we attract exactly that – a sense of what we have. At the same time, because of our focus aiming towards bad thoughts about ourselves, we create a bad opinion about ourselves and ignore our good qualities. They remain in the shadows, and the story get`s taken over by our bad feelings arising from the situation in which we are led. This situation can change today, with the help of high quality self-help techniques, some of which we present the “HERO” technique. It works by directing all that is negative in life towards good thoughts and discovering the virtues that you might have not even dream to own.


The HERO technique – for discovering our own virtues


For you to spontaneously, re-direct your attention from negative towards positive, do the following exercise: imagine a certain goal. Surely, you are familiar with the capabilities and features that you need to have in order to achieve it. When you know what to do, then you surely think of what you can`t do. You`re reminded of that by your self-assessment – a lack of skills, what you know is not your “stronger side”. It is necessary to immediately become aware of your positive qualities and direct your focus on the positive.


For this goal, make the exercise “HERO” in these 3 steps:


Step 1

Think, do you know a person who has the skills that you think you are missing.


There is certainly a person who is a true synonym for these particular skills or, in other words, your idol.


Step 2

Write down the name of that person, and under the names, define the characteristics that such a person has.


For example, Ana: flexibility, experience, courage, tolerance, moderation, and the like.


Step 3

Replace the name of the person with your name.


Looking at the features, one by one, remember at least one life situation when you had the mentioned capability, and estimate:


  • the extent to which you have / really don`t have that ability
  • the extent to which they are a little “sleepy” and whether to activate them,
  • How is it possible to achieve?



How does this exercise help?


The exercise will allow you to exit your well known thinking patterns, which bought you always in the same place and made it harder to find solutions. The answers you get from this exercise will change the focus from bad to good, and will assure you that you have the majority of the capacity necessary for high quality and fulfilled life. It is possible that you will gain insight into the decision to acquire or improve your desired skills. Also while going through this exercise, it often happens that you realize that you are convinced that you have to aim to achieve exactly a certain way, although this solution is not the best. You may have seen other people solve a similar problem so you are sure it`s the only way for you. Therefore, it is important to know one thing: the solution of your problems always and without exception comes in a way that is unique to you. It is original for you and that`s why it`s the best. It doesn`t have any points of contact with other people, their way of thinking, conditions or abilities, it depends only on you.


For this reason, work on yourself, because it is a way to help you reach the desired goal.


Remember:     think of yourself well, and you’ll be fine!


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Sometimes in some stage in our lives we simply 'get stuck' for some reason. We do the best we know, and yet not achieve the desired result. We try to achieve the goal in every possible way, but none of us achieves.   What's the problem? Is there a solution?   Yes, and...