kurkuma1Yes, turmeric is a healthy plant and that is already a well-known fact. It is used as a spice, for cleansing the body, as a natural color, in cosmetics, cusine, etc. The uniqueness of this plant and its use is various in traditional customs. The inhabitants of the Far East throughout history find it almost impossible to imagine life without this plant. In India it is believed that turmeric has the energy of the Divine Mother Mahalakshmi and thus protects against evil, brings, happiness, wealth and success. Many residents of southern India still wear an amulet around their necks made from dried roots of turmeric for protection.


Traditional use – protects the newlyweds

Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies. Haldi is a traditional rite of beautifying brides with turmeric. It involves coating parts of the bride`s body with a paste of turmeric before the wedding, and her skin had a beautiful glow. The same goes for the groom. In addition, it is believed that this ritual signifies purification, as well as protection of the body and skin against a variety of infections and diseases before marriage. The night before the wedding, there is a ceremony called the Ghari Puja, where a priest tells a prayer and holds rice, coconut, wheat, oil, and of course, turmeric. Each of these ingredients has a particular symbolism. On the day of the wedding, on the bride`s hair parting turmeric powder is placed. It`s also called sindoora and is carried by all Indians and Indian women. But unlike the brides, men put turmeric powder on their foreheads above the eyebrows, the place of the sixth chakra or third eye. Such decoration is called bindi or tilak, and it is believed to protect against evil demons and saves energy.

Turmeric in the service of beauty

No, not the turmeric used in the Indian rituals. Long ago, when the Romans heard about the charms of turmeric for beauty they demanded it to be submitted to Rome and soon became the most important beauty treatment for Roman women. Studies have shown that turmeric reduces hyperpigmentation and unwanted body hair. It helps prevent the spread of infections. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and destroys the bacteria responsible for the formation of acne. It also whitens skin, reduces scars and stains of pimples and acne, and gives the skin a healthy glow. Turmeric helps against wrinkles and is suitable for dehydrated and dry skin. It has a beneficial effect on skin redness, damage and other symptoms in the case of rosacea. It is known to slow down skin aging, stimulates the dry skin`s circulation and helps maintain a healthy complexion longer.

Mask of turmeric for acne and pimples

We bring you an effective recipe for a mask of turmeric acne and pimples. Mix a little apple cider vinegar and turmeric into a paste and apply to the problem area. Allow it sit for about an hour and rinse thoroughly. Transient redness may occur so it’s best to use this mask in the evening. The combination of apple cider vinegar and turmeric works as a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and destroys acne at its root. Inflammation is reduced almost overnight.

Turmeric is a patron of the organism

But let’s not forget the healing properties of turmeric, just remember a few basic characteristics of this plant. Turmeric is a plant from the ginger species and is made from the roots of the Curcumalonga plant which has a dark brown bark and dark orange flesh. The healing properties of this specific spices have been studied in more than 5,600 biomedical researches. What makes turmeric more specific is its active ingredient curcumin that is responsible for its yellow pigment and mostly important the number of medicinal properties of turmeric. It has been found that curcumin has a wide range of therapeutic effects. It contains essential minerals such as potassium, iron, manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. It has long been known to have anti-inflammatory properties, but lately it has been shown that it has a full range effect on a lot of different health disorders. Particularly in the treatment of series of autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s and Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, lupus and irritable colon. Turmeric relieves stomach inflammation, inflammations of the intestines, throat, lungs, and also helps with hemorrhoids.

Notice:  If you suffer from diabetes and gallstones, before taking turmeric consult a doctor or alternative medicine specialist. Turmeric powder should be stored in a glass container away from any light, because when directly exposed to light it loses its sharpness and color

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Yes, turmeric is a healthy plant and that is already a well-known fact. It is used as a spice, for cleansing the body, as a natural color, in cosmetics, cusine, etc. The uniqueness of this plant and its use is various in traditional customs. The inhabitants of the Far...