makrobiotikaThe word macrobiotics literally translated means Big Life (derived from the Greek words macro-large and bios-life) and conveys the message that we ​​can live well and happily if we live in harmony with nature.

The term macrobiotics dates from ancient times. Broader interest and popularity culminates in the sixties, thanks to the Japanese lecturers and authors, including the famous George Oshawa and his pupil, and, until recently, our contemporary, Michio Kushi.

Michio Kushi is a great teacher who left this world at the end of last year, at 88 years of life.

In gratitude and remembrance of Michio Kushi we want to remind you of what really macrobiotics is, and look back at the most important parts of Kushi`s life.


Back to nature and global peace

Michio-Staff-Michio Kushi was born in Japan in 1926 in a family of teachers, and today is considered the founder of modern macrobiotics. He studied political science and law at the University of Tokyo. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki made a huge impact on him and he decided to devote his life to world peace and balance. While still living in Japan, he learned from George Ohsawa, who taught him that the key to health and nutrition is the key to peace. Kushi in 1949 comes to America where he continued his studies and his promotion of global peace. He dedicated his life to promoting the return of natural foods and the opportunities to achieve world peace. He points out that the diet is a necessary prerequisite for balance in daily life between the physical, mental and spiritual activities. Fighting stress and the achievement of peace begins by returning to organic and natural forms of farming and daily consumption of whole food.

Michio was very simple and an endlessly witty man so that we remember him always by a lot of laugh.

He was positive and inspiring and enviable and his passion and vision of a better and more peaceful world was so fascinating that you wouldn`t give up until the last moment.


Has started a number of scientific researches

Today, his contribution made a lot of social changes, and he is also significant for his direct impact on the formation of the food pyramid that was taken by World Health Organization (WHO).

His book “Nutrition for cancer” has launched a new way of thinking and was created long before other official works that speak about the connection between diet and chronic or malignant disease. Many scientific institutions on the basis of his work started their researches. Together with his first wife, Aveline Kushi founded several institutions:

  • East West Foundation and the East West Journal (institutions whose work is devoted to research the impact of macrobiotics and intercultural understanding)
  • One Peaceful World
  • Kushi Institute
  • Erewhon Natural Foods
  • Kushi Foundation

He is the author of dozens of books, and his work received many awards and honors.


More than access to food

Although mostly recognizable by accessing the diet, macrobiotics is a lot more – the skills and art of health and longevity. As a natural and complete system which includes mutual connection and the effect of diet, lifestyle and environment, macrobiotics is a comprehensive and effective approach to achieving and maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health. Representatives of the so-called hippie generation were the biggest advocates of macrobiotics. Pioneering organic farming, whole foods, that rely mostly on food of plant origin for temperate climates and meals in accordance with changes in the nature or harmonized with the changes made by the seasons. It was a kind of response to the increasing denaturalization of food, use of chemicals in farming and additives in food and mass consumption of refined and fast foods. The 70s and 80s brought an explosion of interest in macrobiotics. The reason the data is published and books on a wide range of people who are using the macrobiotic principles managed to significantly improve their health. This movement is accompanied by a full range of distinguished doctors from the US, France, Germany and all the way to the Far East.


A complete way of life – respect, love and service

What we eat, drink, apply to the body, think and talk is directly under our influence. Therefore, in the practice of their own freedom and responsibility to their daily choices we affect our health and quality of life. In order to live, we must eat, drink and breathe, and the quality of food, beverage and air is of major importance as the techniques of food preparation we master in order to bring a new quality to our lives.

Macrobiotics is a certain attitude and a criterion in the selection of what we do in our daily lives, based on the aforementioned settings. Therefore, we can conclude that macrobiotics is a holistic way of living.

Macrobiotics is not an abstract concept but a living reality that has evolved from generation to generation from the earliest cultures and civilizations on our planet. It covers nutrition, sleep, activity, rest, thinking, feelings, everything! Macrobiotics by means resembles the worship of our ancestors and parents, training and the love they felt for their children and descendants, love for our brothers and sisters, amazement, the amazing beauty of flowers, trees, mountains, rivers, the stars and the eternal universe. The spirit of macrobiotics is inseparable. From serving other people and society, working for family and society, and loyalty to build a healthy and peaceful world we would all live in.

Macrobiotics is not a temporary philosophy that is spatially confined to one state or the nation, or one teacher association. It has a comprehensive scope and unlimited duration. Michio Kushi through his life and work shows us the path of health, happiness and peace.

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The word macrobiotics literally translated means Big Life (derived from the Greek words macro-large and bios-life) and conveys the message that we ​​can live well and happily if we live in harmony with nature. The term macrobiotics dates from ancient times. Broader interest and popularity culminates in the sixties, thanks...