plavaBlue solar water is easy to make, it’s very delicious and is a very powerful weapon for body cleansing and healing.

We all know that water spreads vibrations, energy frequencies, crystals, colors and words. The blue solar water gives us the best: the sun`s powerful energy, it`s the spring of all life and has fascinating properties of healing and curing given by the water`s soothing blue color. The blue solar water has become favorite and popular after Dr Hew Lena`s book about it “Zero Limits”, and above all, because of the ancient Hawaiian technique of healing Ho’o pono pono.

Besides being extremely healthy, this water helps to clean the deep negative subconscious programs that we automatically repeat over and over again. The blue solar water heals deep emotional wounds and blockages, by releasing them to the surface and letting them go in which way it helps us to get back to our basics in a clean condition, clean start, without the background noise of negative thoughts. This water fulfills us with positivity, optimism, peace and love. Children can drink it, so can people who have cancer and especially those on chemotherapy. It is even more tasteful than plain water and It`s very easy to be made.

So why blue?  

Blue is the color of the fifth chakra, or so called throat chakra (Vishuddha). The throat chakra is very important because it is the path of the higher energetic levels can be transported to the lower and vice versa. It is the first centre of the higher frequencies and only when it is clean and opened we can get to higher levels of consciousness. All illnesses are connected to the 5. Chakra because the choice is included in every detail of life and each and every sickness. The throat chakra represents a bridge between the physical and spiritual world, between the heart and the mind. It separates the secular from the sacred and transmits the INTENTION OF THE SOUL, it`s how we understand our life’s purpose.

It`s also scientifically proven that the blue color has an incredibly powerful impact on our brain, on how our decisions are made and our behavior.

The clear blue sky represents a beautiful, relaxing day. The clean calm blue sea represents calmness and peace. In fact, everything that is blue symbolizes trust, reliability, wisdom, self esteem, intelligence, faith, truth, heaven…The god Krishna is blue.

Science says that it is no coincidence that everything that is blue makes us feel good, and in fact, blue is the only color of the spectrum that can extremely effectively prevent people from committing suicide.

It has been proven that the blue color has a calming effect on people, which is why it is being used in different ways.

In the year of 2000 the police in Glasgow, Scotland installed blue lightning in the areas with high incidence of crime. Since then, the crime incidence in those areas has dropped for 9 percent.

In Japan, several major railway companies have switched all lights to only blue at all railway crossings, and it has been a great success so far, in 2007, a year before the blue lights were installed, 640 people had committed suicides on railway crossings, and in 2008, which is a year after the blue lights were installed, the number of suicides was zero!

If all this seems strange and if you still don`t believe in the incredible efficiency of blue, do read on.

A theory says that the blue color itself has a tangible, biological effect on our brain chemistry. Harold Wolfharth, the president of the German Academy of Color Science, has done a research in which he discovered that color lights have a real psychological effect on children and adults, and what is especially bizarre is the fact that it has the same effect on the blind people.

Wolfharth believes that traces of electromagnetic waves that make the blue color, affect certain neurotransmitters in the brain. When certain light beams fall on the eye, even if it has a malfunction or weak sight, they hit the gland that produces melatonin, which makes the chain reaction of increasing good mood and calms the emotions.

How can we make blue solar water?

All you need is a blue colored glass bottle, the shade of blue is of no importance at all, the effect is the same with even the darkest and the lightest shades, or volume – you can even use a children’s juice bottle.

What is important is that we need to fill this bottle with filtrated, spring or plain water and the cap can`t be metal. It can be wooden, glass, even plastic, but never metal. The cap serves only as a protection from dust and water loving insects.

Keep the bottle exposed under the sun for at least 1-12 hours. If you keep it longer, the taste will become a little sweeter. If you do not have a chance to expose the bottle in the sun, put the bottle under the incandescent light bulbs.

How to drink blue solar water?

Drink this water as more as you can, it`s very tasty and drinkable. Somehow our organism recognizes it, and even people who say that they don’t drink much water, drink several liters of this blue solar water.  Especially in the times when you clean, it is recommended to drink blue solar water.

Even if you don’t have a lot of blue bottles, only one is enough, because only one drop of the blue solar water mixed with plain water gives the plain water the properties of the blue solar water.

Besides drinking blue solar water, you can use it for cooking, and only one drop is enough. Also you can use it for watering plants and for pets. You can add it in the washing machine, in the water you use for washing your car, floors or windows, put it in an air refresher, or add it in your bath.

Once you`ve made the blue solar water, you can store it any other dish, whether it is glass or plastic it doesn`t matter. You can keep it stored in the fridge or at room temperature. Drinks
Blue solar water is easy to make, it’s very delicious and is a very powerful weapon for body cleansing and healing. We all know that water spreads vibrations, energy frequencies, crystals, colors and words. The blue solar water gives us the best: the sun`s powerful energy, it`s the spring of...